You and your customers can share your ebooks experiences

According to ALA President Molly Raphael’s April 16, 2012, E-content blog post, librarians, library workers, and library customers can join a national research effort that is examining the changing role of public libraries in the digital age. How? The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project is surveying public library staff and patrons to learn more about their experiences with ebooks.

The surveys explore issues ranging from which ebook vendors public libraries use to how patrons use public libraries in person and online to how libraries promote—and how patrons find—library ebooks.

  • One version is for you and your co-workers.
  • The other version is for your customers. Please share this opportunity to participate with them—they’ll appreciate being asked. Pew Internet has even created a flyer that can be used to get the word out and also web code that will embed the survey on your library’s website.

The surveys are live April 16–May 18, and will only take about 15 minutes to complete. For details about this research effort and directions for completing the surveys, go to

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