Daily Archi'es: March 31, 2011

A Skunk in t'Library: UNL Visitin' Scholars Lecture

Yonder UNL Libraries' Academic Acti'ities Committee in'ites interested librarians around ye state t'attend ye Visitin' Scholar lecture on April 21st, 2011 from 9:00-10:30 in Room 202 o'yonder Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center on yonder Uni'ersity o'Nebraska – Lincoln campus. Bethany Now'iskie, Director o't' Scholars’ Lab at t'Uni'ersity o'Virginia Library, will give a talk entitled “A Skunk in t'Library; ye Path t'Production fer Scholarly R&D”. Now'iskie will use t'example o't' Scholars’ Lab at ye Uni'ersity o'Virginia t'alk about a possibly rosy future fer “skunkworks” operations in academic research libraries. She will discuss their relationship t'scholarly R&D, thar digital humanities, an' ye wider open source community. Her address will illuminate a host o'broader issues, includin' ye challenges t'open source engagement within higher education an' t'age-old struggle in library IT between de'elopment an' operations.

Fer more information contact any o'thar persons on ye committee:

Brett Barney (bbarney2@unl.edu)
Deb Pearson (dpearson1@unl.edu)
Kay Logan-Peters (klogan-peters1@unl.edu)

Sue Ann Gardner (sgardner2@unl.edu)

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Nebraskans In'ited t'Celebrate School Library Month 2011

School Library Month be jus' around yonder corner!
See http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/aasl/aaslissues/slm/schoollibrary.cfm fer ideas, acti'ities, an' more!

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2011 Doubloons fer Data Award Letters Mailed

T' Nebraska Library Commission has mailed award letters fer a “Doubloons fer Data” payment o'$250 t'46 unaccredited public libraries that submitted yonder 2008-2009 Public Library Statistical Sur'ey usin' Bibliostat™ Collect.
Pro'ision o'public library data be an important acti'ity fer all libraries so that both t'Library Commission an' ye Institute o'Museum an' Library Ser'ices (http://www.imls.gov/) have an accurate picture o'public library ser'ice throughout Nebraska communities. Since this be a necessary step toward meetin' t'standards o'ser'ice outlined in ye Public Library Accreditation Guidelines http://
, these libraries be closer t'achie'in' accredited status. In fact, four libraries that earned Doubloons fer Data awards in yonder last two years have now become accredited.
Fer more information about Doubloons fer Data, includin' a list o'this year’s recipients, go t'http://nlc.nebraska.gov/fundin'/doubloons/.

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A Brief Introduction t'CSS – Recorded Online Session

Michael Sauers, yonder Commission’s Technology Inno'ation Librarian an' author o'XHTML & CSS Essentials fer Library Web Design, will give a brief introduction t'Cascadin' Style Sheets (CSS). Michael will co'er items like why CSS was de'eloped, ye benefits o'usin' CSS in creatin' yer Web site, an' give ye jus' enough code t'get ye started. Time allowin', Michael will be more than happy t'ake yer codin' questions.

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