Learning Virtually: 23 Things and Counting

Computers in Libraries 2011
E304 – Learning Virtually: 23 Things & Counting
2:45 PM – 3:30 PM

Heather Braum, Technology Librarian, Northeast Kansas Library System, Cindi Hickey, Director, Library Development, State Library of Kansas and Coordinator, WebJunction Kansas, Christa Burns, Special Projects Librarian, Nebraska Library Commission, Louise E Alcorn, Reference Technology Librarian, West Des Moines (Iowa) Public Library and Executive Board Member, Iowa Library Assn.

When the Kansas library community participated in a statewide 23 Things program in 2010, it opened up a new way to look at learning virtually, especially for encouraging librarians to continue their learning after the structured program’s end.

Through their Passport to Learning, Braum and Hickey show how to enrich the virtual learning experience. Burns looks at how Nebraska’s 23 Things online program has evolved, its strengths, challenges and “what’s next.” Alcorn describes working with individual libraries and regional library support systems across Iowa, offering training on some of the “things” that encompass Web 2.0 for libraries. Together our speakers identify lots of options for creating a successful program.

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