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Who’s not Paying their Taxes?

The Nebraska Department of Revenue is trying “shame on you” tactics by publishing a list of people owing $20,000 or more in back taxes on their web site at
The person at the top of the list owes a whopping $2,357,875.48.
If your name is on the Delinquent Taxpayer List, and you have questions about paying your taxes, please contact the Department office nearest you; or call Taxpayer Assistance at (800) 742-7474 (toll free in Nebraska and Iowa), or (402) 471-5729 and speak with a representative who will explain the payment options available to you. It is your responsibility to contact the Department if you can not pay the tax which is due.

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Google Secrets – Recorded Session

Michael Sauers, Technology Innovation Librarian at the NLC, shares some new Google services, tools and features that can help improve your internet life.

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