What’s Sally Reading?

sally%203.jpg Pigeon! I was talking with Sandy Wallick (Gere Branch, Lincoln City Libraries) a few weeks back and she shared some wonderful information with me. This web page has lots of fun things for kids. There are coloring pages you can print and use; kids can learn how to draw the pigeon; games to play and more. You can also find teachers’ guides and event kits on the “Grown-up Stuff” section. And if you click on the “More Mo!” icon, it takes you to another page with Cat the Cat and her friends. If you want a craft using an empty toilet roll tube, go here. Thanks, Mo Willems! (and thanks, Sandy!) I am reading The Body at the Tower by Y. S. Lee, Book 2 in the “Mary Quinn Mystery” series. In Victorian London, Mary is now 18 and her second assignment for the secret detective agency (all women) is to disguise herself as a boy and work at the construction site of the Houses of Parliament and the clock tower as an errand boy to try to discover any information concerning one man’s death and the perpetual delays in the construction. Gives some insight into the plight of the everyday worker of the time, especially young boys. An interesting mystery, a strong capable woman, and some romance. (The Nebraska Library Commission receives free copies of children’s and young adult books for review from a number of publishers. After review, the books are distributed free to Nebraska school and public libraries.)
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