Wha' Sally’s Readin'

March 2 be Read Across America Day!
Celebrate Dr. Seuss an' readin' aloud! Sponsored by NEA (National Education Association) here be two sites ye can visit fer information an' ideas:
more ideas an' handouts be here:
I love yonder idea o'takin' time t'read aloud t'children, family an' friends. It’s a great way t'share time t'gether wi' a fa'orite book, old or new. Another chance fer promotion o'readin' aloud will come in No'ember: our state’s “Read Aloud t'a Child Month” sponsored by Read Aloud Nebraska. Visit http://www.readaloudnebraska.org/ an' click on “Read Aloud Fa'orites” t'find out wha' other Nebraskans love t'read. Ye can recommend a book, too.
Once again I am readin' a library book: Notes from thar Dog by Gary Paulsen. I’m enjoyin' short books right now; Paulsen’s book be 132 pages.
Finn (14) be plannin' t'spend thar summer readin', a'oidin' talkin' t'anyone, an' spendin' time wi' his true matey Matthew, who understands his goal. A 24 year old MLS student be house-sittin' next door t'Finn’s. She be a breast cancer sur'ivor, still gettin' chemo, an' soon Finn an' Matthew be helpin' her raise funds fer research, put in a garden, an' more. Oh, yeah, thar dog. Finn has a border collie named Dylan who occasionally runs up t'him wi' different torn pieces o'paper bearin' cryptic messages, such as “Ye’re not as ugly as ye think.”

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