Commission Response to State Auditor’s Report

The State Auditor’s office posted today an audit report concerning the Library Commission’s purchase and use of game equipment and games. The State Auditor also issued a news release to accompany the audit report posting. The news release has resulted in news stories picked up from the Associated Press (online and on the air) and other news sources.
The Library Commission has made available copies of the Attestation report and the Commission’s complete 27-page response on our Web site.

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2 Responses to Commission Response to State Auditor’s Report

  1. Susan says:

    Thanks for posting this. I had no idea about the audit. This is a great opportunity to make the public aware of the varied and important services provided by the commission as well as the state’s libraries.

  2. Mary Jo Ryan says:

    There is an article on this issue and a very extensive list of comments on the online version of the Lincoln Journal Star at:

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