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Michael Porter, aka Libraryman, has come up with a great new way for you to promote your library, and to learn new advocacy tips and tricks from other libraries.
Michael has created the Flickr group, the 365 Library Days Project. It is a group for anyone who works in, for or with libraries. When you join the group you agree to add at least 365 pictures of your library to the group in the next year.
But, unlike some ‘365 days’ groups, you do not have to add a picture each day. You just have to add 365 within the year.
So, for example, if you have a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Launch Party at your library, and take 20 pictures, you can add all 20 of them all at once to the 365 Library Days Project. Then you only need 345 more pictures!
Join the 365 Library Days Project, grab your camera, and start snapping those great library pictures! And then come back here and share what you’ve seen!

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  1. Michael Porter says:

    Hello NE Library Commission Folks,
    So happy to see you mention the 365 Library Days Project here! The initial response to the concept has been GREAT and it seems to have substantial value for your libraries! Having worked a bit in NE several years ago with the Gates Foundation US Library Program, I know there are huge numbers of amazing libraries all across the state. I don’t know if folks in each community always see how amazing their libraries are though. And I know for sure that lots of folks *outside* of NE don’t see this as much as they could. It would be so useful for these libs to document a year in their “life”!
    I’ll sure keep an eye out for NE libraries in the group. Good luck!
    -Michael Porter

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