General Theme Suggestions for 2010 Summer Reading Program

The CSLP (Collaborative Summer Library Program) group is asking for ideas for future summer reading program topics or themes. Slogans (the actual phrasing) are not needed at this time, only topics. Three general themes were discussed and are still under consideration for the future. They are: Water, Health, Food.
Please post any topic/theme ideas you would like the CSLP to consider for 2010 and beyond. I have been asked to submit five ideas from Nebraska, so add support to any suggestions you especially like. I was going to suggest dinosaurs, but we now have a chapter on them in the 2007 manual, so maybe I’ll save them for a while. What topic or theme would you like for the 2010 summer reading program?
Keep in mind CSLP wants the public to instantly associate the program with the LIBRARY and READING. Thank you!

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8 Responses to General Theme Suggestions for 2010 Summer Reading Program

  1. Jane-Pigeon District Library says:

    How about the theme of “Being Green”. Libraries are continously “recycling” by promoting reading to patrons. Patrons in turn check-out books…and the books are getting used over and over again. Other notes…what ways can libraries promote a greener life.

  2. judy weaver says:

    We havent done anything with “space” in a while.
    How about something like “The sky’s the limit@ your library”
    or seeing stars @ the library, beam me up @ the library ??
    just an idea.
    I like the green thing, too.

  3. Jolee Ellis says:

    What about “HANDS AROUND THE WORLD”? Break the world into 8 parts, one for each week:
    Middle East
    North America
    South America
    Island Nations
    I did this in 2002 and it was very successful.

  4. Carolyn N. Cullum says:

    What about a Game theme?
    Get in the Game: Read @ your Library
    Children’s board game night
    Outdoor games– hopscotch,races
    Young Adult Wii Night
    Book Bingo
    Battle of the Books
    Library Trivia Program

  5. Rob Westcott says:

    Magic is of great interest to many children, and many summer reading programs feature a magician. The Magic of Reading

  6. Diane Fink says:

    Dream @ Your Library appeals to me. You could go on the themes of places you’d like to visit-( US, Foreign,Space) to things you’d like to do (drawing lessons, write a book, build a birdhouse ect)Careers (Invite moms, dads, doctors, authors,truck drivers (pet a truck event)Sports- High school teams could do session. We have a dance team with our high school that could teach a sesssion with music. Lot’s of different ways to go.

  7. Pat Brose says:

    Health is always an issue with children and adults not getting enough excersise. Theme could be: Get in Shape @ your library
    or Shape up @ your library or Read: a “weigh” to get healthy @ your library
    Fitness pros to lead exercise sessions
    Wii Dance games
    Healthy eating -choices
    Outdoor games/races/
    Parent/child committment for better health pledges
    Bike safety – register your bike with local police
    Hikes/trails for fitness – set up an obstacle course in your meeting room
    Indoor olympics with tunnels to crawl through; things to climb over

  8. alei says:

    We are considering going from hourly prizes to weekly prizes – whenever a child visits a library, he or she will be asked, did you read this week? Our program is 10 (ten) weeks long, so we would have 10 prizes.
    Has anyone tried anything along these lines?
    Thank you for your time.

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