Helpful Hints

Here are some helpful hints that we think will facilitate your participation in the Nebraska Learns 2.0 program:

1. Set up your blog so you’ll get email notification when someone leaves a comment on one of your posts.

One thing participants in the original Nebraska Learns 2.0 program enjoyed was the sense of community that sprang up among them as a result of reading and commenting on each other’s blogs. Occasionally, however, a participant would get busy and go several weeks before noticing that someone had commented on one of their posts. A simple remedy to this is to set your blog up to send you an email whenever someone leaves a comment. It’s easy!

In WordPress – On your Dashboard, in the menu on the left, choose Settings, then Discussion under Settings. There is a choice to “E-mail me whenever” – choose “Anyone posts a comment”.

In Blogger – When you are logged in to Blogger click on the Settings tab (or link) associated with your blog. Next, select the “Comments” link from the horizontal menu bar associated with the Settings tab. Scroll down the Comments Settings page until you get to the Comment Notification Email option – it should be at the very bottom of the page. Here you can enter up to ten email addresses, separated by commas, that you want to receive an email when someone leaves a comment on your blog.

2. Subscribe to the Nebraska Learns 2.0 blog, as well as your fellow participants’ blogs, through an RSS reader.

To get the most out of the Nebraska Learns 2.0 program, it will be important for you to regularly monitor the Nebraska Learns 2.0 blog, as well as the blogs of fellow participants. Rather than manually checking each blog for new content every few days, we recommend you subscribe to them via an RSS reader. An RSS reader will monitor your blogs for you and notify you of updates as they happen.

If you aren’t familiar with RSS readers, we suggest you review Thing #69: RSS After Google Reader. The time you spend learning about RSS readers will be returned to you many times over through increased efficiency!

3. Put the Thing or BookThing # in the title of the post you write about that Thing/BookThing!

This may be a small thing, but it will help provide us and your fellow participants with context for your post.

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