Thing #52: Share Your Interests With Pinterest

This month’s Thing is written by guest blogger Mary Sauers of the Lincoln City Libraries.

I generally don’t get on Facebook much, but I DO  browse Pinterest a LOT.  It’s a fun, EASY way to see and share recipes, fashion, decorating, crafts, people, places, animals, and things.

Pinterest is essentially an online scrapbooking social website.  It allows you to organize, create and share all sorts of things you find while surfing the web. Instead of physical scrapbook pages, you create pinboards of different categories,  then build a collage of images by pinning them to your boards.  You can build as many or as few boards as you like.  You can pin items directly from the web using the “Pin It” bookmarklet, you can upload your own images and videos directly, or you can “Repin” items posted by other Pinterest members.

One thing to keep in mind is that Pinterest is very visually oriented. If you try to pin a page without a picture or video, you won’t be able to add that page.

Once you’ve added some content to your account you can also “Follow” other members, “Like”, and “Comment” on their pins.

For those of you unfamiliar with Pinterest, you can check out the boards of a couple of Nebraska Library Commission staff, Emily Nimsakont and Micheal Sauers. And here is my Pinterest boards page:

If you’d like a little more of a tour before starting to play, check out this short video:

Pinterest has been getting a lot of press lately, but many have noticed that the majority of Pinterest users are female. That doesn’t mean that guys can’t use Pinterest, too, and there have been articles written to explain just how guys can take advantage of the service.

And, maybe most importantly, libraries are starting to use Pinterest. Here are the boards from the Scottsdale Public Library (AZ), Stratford Public Library (Ontario, Canada), San Francisco History Center/San Francisco Public Library and the Ohio University Digital Initiatives in the Ohio University Libraries.

To learn more about how libraries can use Pinterest, check out these articles:

*NOTE:  Pinterest is still an invitation only site, but once you apply, an invitation will be extended within a few days.


  1. Go to . Request an invitation.
  2. Once you have an invitation: set up your profile, including a picture, and 5 boards.
  3. Pin at least three items to each of your boards.
  4. Follow 3 people.
  5. Create a post in your blog about your experience with Pinterest. Some ideas to blog about:
  • What do you like and/or dislike about Pinterest?
  • If you are new to Pinterest, how do you think you might be able to use this technology in your work or personal life?
  • If you’ve already been using Pinterest, please share how you use it in your work or personal life.
  • How can libraries use Pinterest or take advantage of this new technology?

Happy Pinning!

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10 Responses to Thing #52: Share Your Interests With Pinterest

  1. Ellen Weed says:

    I had never heard of Pinterest until I read this assignment. When I mentioned it to a couple of coworkers I discovered they use Pinterest all the time. So, I took on the assignment and learned a lot in the process.
    First, the site is very inviting when you begin to check out all the neat boards. I really like that the creators have made it possible to search by catagories, but feel some are very broad. Of course, I would like to have seen a place for professional sites like libraries. I also would like to have been able to name the site our library’s name rather than my name. If there’s a way to do that, will someone tell me how.
    I was amazed at the number of hits my site was getting as I was continuing to make boards. I chose to add pix of our new music and also added UTube videos associated with a few of them. They were really popular.
    It’s very easy to see how libraries might use Pinterest to promote programming, new materials, etc. But it would require that the site be constantly updated which does take time.
    I set up this site especially for the library, but I may go back in and make another site for myself and follow people who are also interested in my leisure activities like reading, crafts, etc. The visual aspect of Pinterest really piques one’s interst.
    Since this site was totally new to me, I used the help button several times and was disappointed I couldn’t find the answers to a couple questions I had. I ended up going to Google, searched and found the answers. So they definately need to add more to their help section for us novices.
    Overall, it was a fun, creative experience and I’m glad I took the challenge!

  2. Susie Dunn says:

    My comments about the various posts pertaining to Pinterest can be found here:

  3. Beth Kabes says:

    Comment on Pinterest.

  4. Joye Lee says:

    My thoughts on Pinterest The more I pinned , the more fun I had

  5. A smidge late but here’s my post about Pinterest. The short version: “Meh”

  6. Sarah Brown says:

    I really like this thing, even though I have not participated with the Nebraska Learns part of it, I really like this thing. Great Job Christa, and thanks for this!

  7. Jordie Stough says:

    have had Pinterest for about a year and I have to say that I am absolutely addicted. I have boards for clothes, my geeky obsessions, and one for bibliophiles. We just recently started using it for our Library, and I have to say it’s slow going at first. But in the end, I have seen some fantastic Pinterest boards from different libraries. The Omaha Public Library has an incredible Pinterest account that shows everything from books to read to Wedding ideas involving books.
    The link 5 Way to Use Pinterest in Your Library had several great ideas I wouldn’t have even thought of. Introducing the staff through Pinterest is a great idea. We could create a board and have 5-6 things that we think defines us the most. The Patron Contribution Boards are a great idea too. Having the patrons add their favorite books to the board would broden the horizons of other readers. Finally, I loved the idea of contest boards. Several of my favorite shopping sites have done this but I have never even thought of a library doing it.

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