Native American Awareness Month Programs at Central City Library
Books Are Just the Beginning at Nebraska libraries and the programs planned for Native American Awareness Month at the Central City Public Library are a great example. For more information see http://libraries.ne.gov/centralcity/2017/11/07/pawnee-history-in-merrick-county-at-cc-public-library-on-november-20th/
Japanese Tea Ceremony at Ashland Public Library
Nebraska Libraries are great places to learn about other cultures and Ashland Public Library’s culture-sharing program for children and adults is a great example. On Saturday, October 14, Yukiko Shimono will share her Japanese culture and tell a story for children. Following the children’s event she will perform a Tea Ceremony for adults. For more information see http://libraries.ne.gov/ashland/2017/09/19/yukiko-shimono/. […]
Coding Camp at Central City Public Library
Books Are Just the Beginning at Nebraska Libraries and Coding Camp for youngsters in Grade 2-8 at the  at the Central City Public Library is one more example. This class is sponsored by Nebraska Extension and designed so that anyone who can read, can learn to code in a game  environment. For more information see http://libraries.ne.gov/centralcity/2017/09/20/sign-up-for-coding-camp-here/.

In Nebraska Libraries: Books are Just the Beginning

Libraries across Nebraska offer so much to the community! Our libraries offer books and so much more–digital resources (including eBooks and audiobooks), access to computers with broadband connection, community events and activities, and recreational resources. Nebraska libraries are lifelong educational partners in our Nebraska communities.

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