2019 Conference Wrap-up

Big Talk From Small Libraries 2019 is a wrap! Thanks to all the presenters and attendees. It was a great day!


What did you think of Big Talk From Small Libraries 2019? Please share your impressions of this year’s event on our Feedback Form.

Continuing Education Credit

Nebraska library staff and board members: You can earn 1 C.E. credit for each 50-minute session attended. Due to the nature of this event, we cannot track which sessions you attended, so please fill out and submit this special Big Talk From Small Libraries CE Report form, so your C.E. credits can be recorded correctly.

Non-Nebraska attendees: Any CE credit you wish to earn for this event will need to be arranged with your CE-granting agency, since we are not authorized to give you CE credits. A “Thank you for attending” email has been automatically sent from the GoToWebinar system to all attendees who logged in to the live session. That message serves as your proof of attending. In addition, a link to a PDF certificate will be included in the e-mail.

Recordings and Presentations

At the moment we have a single eight-hour-long video file. As with previous years, we’ll be editing this down into the individual presentation recordings, posting them to YouTube, and embedding them here on the site under Previous Conferences. We’re also collecting the PowerPoint files from each of our speakers and will also be posting them as we receive them. So, this process, especially the video editing, will take some time. Everything will be posted as it becomes available, but experience tells us that this process will take a week or two.

Watch Parties

If you watched our event with others, please let us know the size of your group for our statistics via our Contact form.


Thanks once again, and please keep an eye on the site for more news and updates. If you have any questions, please use the Contact form to send us your questions, comments and feedback.

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