Last day to pre-register

exclamation-mark-153646_640Registration for the conference will be closing at midnight tonight so there’s still time to pre-register. We currently stand at 436 registered participants and we’d love to break 450 so now’s your chance. Even if you’re not sure if you’ll be able to make it, if there’s a chance, please register so you’ll be sure to receive the login information via e-mail.


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3 Responses to Last day to pre-register

  1. Kate Chalman says:

    We will be watching from CRHML. Can’t wait!

  2. jo otterholt says:

    I just sent my registration info, a few minutes ago.

    Are Certificate of Attendance issued upon completion of the 7 hours?

    Thanks! -Jo Otterholt

    • Sorry but we will not be providing certificates for attending the conference. However, you can use any of the emails that you have received as proof of your registration for this event. Additionally an e-mail will be automatically sent from the GoToWebinar system to all attendees who logged in to the live session. That message serves as your proof of attendance.

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