Registration tops 300

As of this afternoon we have 300 people registered. However, the actual head-count is much higher than that as some of those registrations are for viewing parties of multiple people. So, from the looks of it we’re well on our way to topping last year’s attendance.

For those that have been asking, we will be recording all of the sessions, just as we did last year, and barring technical difficulties we will be posting all of the recordings after the conference for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

In the mean time we encourage you to promote the event in any way you’d like. Please just be  sure to point people back here and us the #BTSL hash tag.

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2 Responses to Registration tops 300

  1. Kimberle says:

    I normally register for webinars even when i know I can’t attend because then i get emailed the archives and can watch at my leisure. I noticed you have a class limit and that the session is all day. I there a way for me just to get emailed the archive so I don’t take up space you may need for actual attendees? Most webinars I attend are only for 1 hr. I cannot do an all day one.

    • Kimberle,

      If you plan on attending even just part of the day, please take a moment and register. This way you’ll be sure to be automatically sent the login information (which will be good for the whole day.)

      As for after the event, the announcement of the availability of the recordings will not automatically be sent even to those who registered. (Our system just doesn’t really allow for that.) We’ll be sure to post that announcement here on the site and on the event’s Facebook page.

      So, if you won’t be attending live, just check back here starting March 1st, and we’ll be posting the recordings and other information as soon as we can.


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